Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Singapore F1 Race - September 28, 2008???

The FIA today announced the revised calender for the 2008 season. The Belgian race will now take place on September 7, a week before the Italian Grand Prix on September 14. The Japanese event, meanwhile, will take place a week earlier than previously announced on October 12, with the Chinese Grand Prix switching to October 19.

The full calender can be found here.

The highlight of the season for me next year would definitely be the night race at Singapore. It is currently scheduled for September 28. The construction of the street circuit has begun and so has the pit work. I expect the track to be completed very quickly with typical Singaporian efficiency. My Singapore office is on the 32nd floor in Raffles place. I hope there is a good view from there... can save on the tickets ;)

The Malaysian GP at Sepang sees Indians from Mumbai and Chennai land up in thousands. I expect that the Singapore race would see at least as many if not more Indian fans. Of course, Indian fans need to wait only one more year... if the Indian Olympic Association is to be believed, India would have its own F1 race in New Delhi in 2010. Now thats the stuff dreams are made of.

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xoomer.alice.it/grandchelem said...

I'm very keen to see what kind of race it will be. I hope you have a very good view of the race from your office! Lucky you :-)